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Penis Extender/Traction Device FAQs

A lot of you have written in with questions about penis traction devices. We’ve organized the most popular questions and have answered them for you below.

Are penis extenders medically-approved?

The medical community has long relied upon the body’s amazing ability to regenerate cells and tissue through a natural rebuilding process. Hospitals and clinics around the world depend on this regeneration process to help patients fight infection and recover from wounds and surgery.

Skin grafts are routinely used by doctors in order to help burn victims. Breast cancer patients often undergo a mastectomy, requiring the body to generate new cells and tissue for reconstructing the chest area. During many surgical procedures, surgeons use skin from other parts of the body to act as a patch over infected areas.

Penis-stretching devices work in the same manner. The traction applied to your penis slowly stretches and breaks down the tissues in the shaft. Your body instantly goes into rebuilding mode to generate new cells and tissue, giving your penis added length. The principles used to create the penis traction tool are the same as those used every day in hospitals across
the globe

As well, the results that people experience using enlargement devices are all dependent on how they use them. Many people fail to use the devices properly and hence experience poor results. If you are going to use a traction device make sure that you use it as instructed.

How long do I have to wear it to see results?

All things being equal, the longer you wear the device, the more added length you’ll experience. That said, the results you’ll see are dependent upon how long you wear the penis traction tool, how much “pull” you calibrate the tool to exert on your penis and your consistency over time in wearing the device. Some men wear the device for several hours a day while at the office.
After doing so for 3 or 4 months, they often notice an additional 1 or 2 inches in the length of their penis.

Ultimately, you need to create a realistic schedule for yourself and maintain that schedule. If your job entails a lot of physical activity, consider using the penis-stretching tool at night while you’re sleeping. Or, wear it for a few hours each night before going to bed. The key is to find the schedule
that best fits your lifestyle.

How are extenders different from penis pumps?

Penis pumps and penis traction tools have one primary difference (and it’s a huge one). A penis pump delivers results, but only temporarily. They increase the size of your cock by creating a suction on the tissue. The suction creates a near-instant dilation in the blood vessels of your penis. The penis swells, you gain size and everyone’s happy… for a few hours. The dilation goes away and your penis returns to its normal length.

By contrast, a penis traction tool expands tissue and muliplies cells, using your body’s natural rebuilding ability. Over time, the increased tissue and cell production adds long-lasting length and girth to your penis. If you merely want a temporary fix, a penis pump will provide it (as long as you
don’t mind the side effects). If you want a bigger, longer penis for the long-term, you need the penis traction device.

Why do penis stretching devices cost so much?

These tools come with a slightly-higher price tag for several reasons. Not only is there a significant amount of research involved in their design, but the materials used and the calibration settings are specifically focused on providing safety and long-lasting results. A high-quality penis stretching tool isn’t a cheap plastic toy from the local sex-shop. It’s a finely-tuned, surgical-grade device that has proven to be effective.

We’d like to invite you to browse the extender comparison page to find pricing, discounts and bonus products offered with the extenders.

Can I wear a device while sleeping or at the office?

Absolutely. If your job doesn’t entail a significant amount of physical labor or activity, the penis traction device can be comfortably worn under loose-fitting pants and boxers. If you prefer to wear it while sleeping, you can easily do so (as long as you typically sleep on your side or on your back).

What will happen to my erection if I wear the device?

These devices will actually add strength to your erection. The tissue and cell break-down and regeneration provides more room for the blood to fill throughout your penis. Your erections will become stronger, thicker and feel amazing to your partner.

Will my penis lose its girth when it gains length?

Though it may seem strange, your penis will gain girth as it gains length. Remember, the goal of the penis traction device isn’t merely to stretch your penis. The goal is to add additional tissue and cells into which your blood flows. Because the tissue throughout your penis is expanding, your penis literally becomes thicker and longer at the same time.

What if my penis is curved? Will the device still work?

Because of how penis-stretching devices are designed (a saddle, 2 side bars and a support loop for the head), they can actually help resolve penile curvature. By stretching your penis along a straight axis, the curve in your shaft can slowly be corrected.

How long do I need to wear the penis traction device?

Everybody has a different schedule. Some guys wear the tool for 8 hours a day while they’re at the office. You should plan to wear the penis traction device at least 2 hours a day (4 hours is preferable) for a few months. If you can’t wear it while at your job, wear it when you get home or while
you’re sleeping. The more time you invest in wearing the device,the more significant the results.

Does my doctor need to help me with this?

Your doctor’s help is unnecessary. Remember, there’s a lot of research in the design of these devices. They come with easy-to-use directions so you can start using it immediately.

Are penis stretching tools painful to wear?

As long as you follow the instructions and wear the device properly, you shouldn’t experience any pain. Penis traction tools are formulated so you can adjust the device to exert any level of traction or “pull” that feel comfortable. You can modify the tool according to the current size and length of your penis.

Uh-Oh! I’m getting an erection with the device on! Now what?

Don’t panic. Unharness your penis and wait until your erection subsides before placing it on again. (And try not to get so excited this time.)

What if my penis is too small? Will the device still work?

If your penis is smaller than 1.5 inches (when flaccid), then you’ll probably have difficulty using the traction tool. However, if your penis is longer than that, you won’t have any problem at all.

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